The Tresidio Story

Our story is one that many can relate to. It started from nothing, and involved vision, hard work and determination to get to where we are today.

Company founders Jon Hastings and Russ Van Wagenen met in college while attending Brigham Young University. When they graduated with Construction Management degrees in 2009, the housing market was in a free-fall, and many builders were struggling just to stay in business.

Despite this, Jon and Russ knew they had a bold new approach to the home building process and were determined to step up to the challenge of a new business.


Tres∙id∙i∙o |tre-sid-ee-oh|

(n.) a bold, new approach to custom home building in the Treasure Valley; quality, innovation, and value

  • of or related to satisfaction: I love my new Tresidio home!
  • simplicity; a stress-free building process: Tresidio Homes has an impressive level of organization and make home building a smooth process.
  • dramatic change to the idea of custom home building: Tresidio Homes utilizes 3D modeling, in-house design, and advanced building software to deliver homes of high quality and value.

ORIGIN 2009; Modern English: Tresidio n.


Why Tresidio?

Jon and Russ started Tresidio Homes in 2009 based on their passion for home design and construction, and because they had a deep desire to create a better home building experience.

They’d seen too many customers frustrated with the lack of professionalism and organization in the industry, and they knew they could create a much more enjoyable building process – one that is organized, yet flexible, and without the communication headaches that home building is known for.

They founded Tresidio Homes with the intention of building personalized homes of exceptional quality, delivering on promises and creating a customer experience that was actually easy and fun.

Along the journey of growing into who we are today, we focused on listening to our customers. We never wanted to lose sight of what they wanted from a home building experience.

Today, we are an established full-service custom home builder that builds approximately 50 homes a year – which is large enough to give our home buyers peace of mind but small enough to always be able to keep a personal touch.

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