Inspired Design.

Great design is something that can be felt the moment you step inside the home. With efficient use of space, rooms designed with furniture placement in mind, and minimizing wasted space all combine to make a house a home. Whether you choose a Stacy Construction designed floorpan, or find one you want to customize, Stacy Construction Inc. has the resources to make your project a success. Great design also means great quality, this word gets kicked around a lot but it is evident in the design and the way the home is built. Stacy Construction Inc. is not a mass production housing business and has lengthly experience building homes from the ground up. We build one home at a time to guarantee that the quality of that home fits the rigorous Stacy Construction standards, with Wayne Stacy is personally involved.

Quality and Innovation.


Wayne Stacy brings exquisite quality and a very personal custom touch to the homes in Caven Ridge Estates. As a custom home builder he personally oversees every aspect of the creation, design, and build process.


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